Thursday, January 24, 2008

Engineers + Beer = Noise

I'm not sure what specific event the engineers are celebrating, but it involves beer and loud music in the atrium, which then get funneled into the office in which I am running the help desk. (And into other offices in the building, to a greater or lesser degree, so I'm not the only one suffering.)

Disturbing: drunk engineers singing along to music.

Update (1:45): Egad, now the engineering band is making racket! At least they sound like they've actually practiced their instruments...


Kath said...

Oh dear, I don't think engineers are really meant to be musicians. That sort of scares me.

noricum said...

No, they really aren't. In past years, they've prided themselves in just how bad they are. The current crop is somewhat confused, however, and they appear to be attempting things like notes. Many of them even seem to know their way around their chosen instruments. Bizarre.