Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doing My Part

The other day I logged into my bank account so that I could pay my credit card bill. (Silly credit cards, always asking for money.) While I was there I had a look at the deposits and withdrawals, and discovered that the government put some free money (GST rebate) into my account. Yay! I like free money. :) They had put some in back in October too.

Since there's a lot of talk about slowing economies, volatile stock markets, and recessions stemming from stupid mortgage stuff in the US, I thought I'd do my civic duty and try to stimulate the economy some. So I donated my free money to The Sweet Sheep, which, to thank me, is sending me three skeins of sock yarn (two skeins of LoveSticks, and one of Dream in Color Smooshy) and two braids of roving (both by Pigeonroof Studios). How nice! Isn't that nice?

I used my PayPal account at The Sweet Sheep, since I had a bit of money sitting in there. However, the PayPal money was in US funds, so it didn't get used for the Canadian transaction. How annoying! Well, I need a bit of white roving for the thrummed mittens I'm planning (I want white "hearts" on a red background), so I found a nice Etsy seller in the US who could help me out with both issues (the PayPal money and the roving) for nearly the exact right amount. Don't you just love when things work out?

Update: To help out the *local* local economy, I just signed up for the "Spinning Exotics 2" course given by Francine of Rovings at Wolseley Wardrobe. :) Wow, I'm sure getting to be a wild spender! This having an income thing sure is nice. ;)


Mathgirl said...

Ha ha! You've fallen into the Lovesticks trap, finally! :) What colours did you get?

noricum said...

;) Fashionista and Surf N Turf.