Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It appears that we have changeable weather at the moment. I can tell for two reasons:

1. Yesterday there were strong winds (50-70 kph), and the temperature rose dramatically.

2. My knees, elbow, and *ribs* HURT last night, and my ribs continue to be in *pain* today. (They feel as bad today as they did the day after the fall, or even perhaps as much as they did the evening of my fall.)

I'm beginning to think I either got a bone bruise or a cracked rib. Doing some googling, the pain tends to be variable depending on the type of break, doctors can diagnose it (with an x-ray or MRI) but the treatment is just pain killers and icing, and it'll take 1-2 months to heal. Joy. Why couldn't I get this in the summer (yeah, because there's no ice in the summer, that's why) when I at least have fewer problems with my joints telling me the weather?

Update: Now both my ribs an my shoulder on that side *hurt*. My knee is still wonky too, but my ribs and shoulder are distracting me from it.


WPGGAL said...

Keep an eye on the barometric pressure. If it's high, over 101, I find that my joints hurt more than when it's lower.

Bethany said...

Sorry to hear you're in pain. :-(

Celeste said...

OWIE is right! Definitely stay on top of the anti inflammatories and the ice, dear!