Saturday, January 19, 2008

A is for Apartment

When I'm busy and can't keep up with blogging, what do I do? Join the ABC-Along. Although I joined a week or two ago, and I've known since then what my "A" post would be... I'm only just making it under the wire (by start time, although not by end time) for my "A" post. Given that it's what's putting me behind, it's only appropriate that my "A" is apartment. It's my big change... in living quarters, and possibly in life. I've shown you the outside before:
Apartment Building (Back)
And it's about time I give you a feeble tour of the inside. (To supplement the two hallway photos, and the photo of me manhandling (prior to rib-busting) a coffee table.) Since this is also something I've been meaning to post about for ages, perhaps joining the ABC-Along wasn't that bad of an idea.

Here's my kitchen, looking nice and roomy:
IMG_3125 IMG_3130 IMG_3131
This view makes me absurdly happy:
(Yes, that's my fuse panel, with a whole two fuses, in my kitchen cupboard.)

However, the roomy, spacious feeling disappeared with the appearance of a table that grew three sizes when I placed it in the room, and then the kitchen shrunk even more when I pulled out all the drawers in preparation for washing:
(I wonder if I can get the rest of the drawers lined and put away tomorrow?)

Here's my bathroom, which never did look roomy:
(The duckie curtain was left by the previous tenant... the caretaker was not impressed, but left it anyway.)

Although I have my living room tidied up, I don't seem to have taken any photos of it that way... so the semi-disaster state will have to do:
IMG_3159 IMG_3160
(I took the couch cushion covers off to wash them.)

There is currently absolutely nothing (besides a dish of vinegar with a shrivelled half onion) in the master bedroom, so I have no interesting photos of it. Just imagine a large-ish room with a closet, old windows, and baseboard heaters. Here's the second bedroom, with a crappy temporary desk and all of the non-kitchen boxes that have been moved as of when the photo was taken:

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of the window I managed to break already:
Yep, not even a month after moving in, and I've already broken something. If you can't tell, I've pulled the bottom of the frame off of the sliding window pane. Whoops. Talking to my neighbour across the hall (the lady with the two kids), she did the same thing. So it's not me. It's the age of the windows. I still feel guilty.


Deneen said...

The apartment looks fantastic-nice sized kitchen, lots of cabinets and counters. Love the hardwood floors in the rest of the place too-nice.

Sallie said...

Your apartment looks really nice. I like it.