Monday, January 07, 2008

Disappointing Bruise

I'm feeling quite a bit better. My shoulder and neck are feeling pretty normal (although I haven't tried lifting anything), it's just my ribcage that still hurts.

The bruise is not nearly as big or as interesting as you would think it would be, given the amount of pain it caused. The main bruise is only about the size of a quarter, with some redness extending above and below no more than a total of two inches. There's likely more bruising below the surface, though, is my guess.


Knittah said...

You didn't break a rib, did you?

noricum said...

Naw. It doesn't hurt that much. It feels like a bruise.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it's not a broken rib. That's what I thought when I read that you'd fallen on a drawer edge. Oooowwwwwiiiiieeeeee!


noricum said...

That was my first panicked thought, but then I decided it didn't hurt enough for that. (Unless broken bones hurt a lot less than I imagine they would.) Even if I had broken a rib, there's not much you can do, from what I understand.