Saturday, January 05, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Thanks for all the comments you left recently! It's really nice. :)

Life has been rather busy, of course. I've got all of the furniture from the farm moved in, made the living room look like a living room (well it did before I took the covers off the couch cushions to wash), and put my pots and most of my dishes in the kitchen cupboards. (That was all yesterday.)

Today I went over and washed all the drawers in preparation for lining (the caretaker painted the insides of the kitchen cupboards, but not the drawers, and they were a bit nasty. Still kind of nasty, but hopefully the drawer liner paper will stick better now.) We were going to move a set of wall units in today too (Bob's old units, being stored in the garage), but the furnace kicked the bucket and we ended up waiting around for the repair guy. Turns out the fan has seized, and the guy will be back with a part (hopefully, it's an older furnace) on Monday. Thankfully it's fairly warm this weekend. We've left the gas fireplace on overnight, and I have an electric baseboard in the basement. I've offered my hide-a-bed to mom and Bob, but they declined.

Anyway, it was nice to get the drawers washed, and I also aired the apartment out some more. I got most of the windows mostly open. There's one in the kitchen that's still frozen (I'll take a hair dryer to it tomorrow if necessary), the one in the bathroom won't unlatch, and one window in the master bedroom has the latch broken in the "locked" position. :P

Notes on the new apartment:
• The outlets are indeed grounded (well, they're three prong outlets, I hope the ground wires are connected).
• The caretaker hasn't changed the fuses (that I know) or installed the strip to keep out the hall air (there are still some smokers in the building).
• I think I'll go with Shaw phone and internet, but I haven't called to set that up yet.
• I finished the detailed walk-through... I might ask my folks to see if I've missed anything obvious before I sign it and hand it and the lease over to the caretaker to give to the landlord.
• Besides unlatching the two windows, I also want a second oven rack, if possible. (Why do I keep getting apartments with only one oven rack?) Also, the under-counter cutting board needs replacing. (I'll try to remember to take a photo of it... it's really bizarrely nasty. I don't think the caretaker noticed it when he was fixing up the place.)
• The fresh paint fumes seem to be thinning. I won't be moving my bed over until I've got those gone.

The list of things I need to get for the apartment is pretty long. I haven't been writing them down, though. (I should.) Stuff like:
• dish drain rack and drainer
• rinsing bucket (for rinsing soap off before putting them in the drying rack)
• cleaning bucket (I may put off getting this one until I decide if I need it... I have the cauldron for small things, and I may not need a big bucket if I stick with the swiffer mop over a regular one)
• trash cans (one, maybe two)
• over-door hooks (one to three, depending if I can keep the one from here, and whether or not I want one for the office... probably not)
• dish soap
• dryer sheets (dad's giving me his old detergent because he got a HE front loader to replace his old machine)
• quarters and loonies for laundry
• food, spices, staples (flour, sugar, salt...)
• compact fluorescent lightbulbs (thankfully they don't give me migraines)
• a counter-top hand-towel-holder-thingy (or get permission to install a second towel rack above the toilet beside the sink)
• ironing board
Well, that's what I can think of off the top of my head. This list will definitely grow, especially as I discover what things didn't come back with me from North Carolina. (I suspect my grungy-cheapo measuring cups stayed behind. And if they didn't, I'd still like new ones, but I'll wait until I'm employed if that's the case.)

Well, it's late, and I'd like to catch up on a few blogs before bed. (You're all are posting too much... I can't keep up with all of you and the move!)


Dianne said...

Loonies? What's a loonie?

noricum said...

A loonie is a one dollar coin. (Twoonies are two dollar coins.)

Kate said...

Your friends need to throw you a housewarming party. Or don't they do that in Canada?

noricum said...

They do, but I was planning on having everyone over in February for my birthday, which is a bit long to wait for things like dish racks. ;)

Kate said...

Check out somebody there has come up with a reusable pad for swiffers! Should help in the saving money department. :)

noricum said...

I think I remember seeing those a year or two ago. I thought I'd make some for the sweeper, and possibly the duster, from old towels. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.