Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winding A Storage Bobbin, Red Green Style

Supplies: One cordless drill, fully charged. One 6.5 mm knitting needle. Two elastics from previously eaten broccoli. One storage bobbin.
Bobbin Winder
Full Bobbin on Wheel
Winding a Storage Bobbin
(Biting of the lip is recommended during this tricky procedure.)
Wound Storage Bobbin
Conclusion: Not bad, but not perfect. The drill trigger is stiff, the knitting needle shaft wobbles, and the tapered point prevents the chuck from getting a good grip, and so the needle falls out every so often.

I'm very happy with this wheel (I think I won't bother saving up for a Lendrum until I decide there are things this wheel can't do for me, but for now I'm very happy), but I either need more wheel bobbins or a better storage bobbin winding solution. Plus a lazy kate... we'll see if what I cobble together in the next few days is satisfactory or not.

I spun the second bobbin of this yarn yesterday. I still need to wind it off before I can start plying. Observation: I'm not as careful if I have a goal of spinning a certain amount of roving in a day.


Sara said...

Yay Red Green!!!!

Duct Tape: The handyman's secret weapon!

noricum said...

That's what I was missing, duct tape! (Just kidding... I'm too persnickety to get duct tape gummy stuff all over my drill.)