Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I actually made it to the mailbox on Monday, so Jennie, Kelli, and Deneen, there are packages winging towards you. (And they are actually winging... I splurged and paid the extra for airmail over surface.) Perhaps it won't be too terribly long after Christmas that you get them. (Kelli: I sent yours to the department... I don't have your new address.)

Other things that will be mailed eventually:
• Pay it Forward folks: I haven't forgotten about you, I just haven't made your stuff yet. I'm deciding what to make.
• Orange Kitty contributors: I haven't forgotten about you either, and I'll do another orange kitty for the draw soon. I feel really guilty about this one. (I may need to be reminded about who all contributed and is eligible for the draw. I'll post a list later of those who I remember or suspect having contributed, and you can ask to have your name added or withdrawn if you want.)


Deneen said...

How exciting, thanks Andrea-after Christmas presents so rock.

I have more sock yarn set aside for your mitered squares blanket.

BTW, the Noro Sock yarn came in and I don't know-it's very, very thin.....pretty, but twine like, weird.

Knittah said...

For me? I can't wait!