Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mmmm... Spinning!

:) I spun for another two hours tonight. Lisa Souza superfine merino, colour "Earth Birth". Mmmmm! I think I spun a bit over an ounce. I'm trying to spin thin enough for two-ply sock yarn, with the right amount of twist. So far I seem to get somewhat too much or not very much. I'm looking for a happy medium. I'm not planning on making socks from this, since it's not superwash. I just wanted to try spinning at the right weight, though, before I spin my superwash roving from A Piece of Vermont. I *do* want to make sock yarn, and I *do* want it to be out of superwash. The merino I'll use at whatever weight it comes out at, so I'm practicing on it. (I bought the merino and another fiber from Lisa Souza for the sole purpose of learning more about different fibers... both how they spin, and how they take colour. Both are in "Earth Birth" for a better comparison.) I've divided the Earth Birth merino into two roughly equal pieces, and will try the "storage bobbin" method of plying. Speaking of that, I should bring my cordless drill in out of the garage and charge it up...

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