Monday, December 24, 2007

Socks For H

Crochet Socks

The question is, which pair next? I think I may be decadent and do a pair for myself. It's time to remind myself what's in the stash. Especially since I almost succumbed yesterday to the sale on at The Sweet Sheep. Four skeins of sock yarn and one bump of roving sat in my cart overnight while I waited for my head to clear. What really did it is that I'm pretty sure one of the skeins is quite similar to a skein in my stash. I need to pull out my sock yarn stash and fondle it some more. I need to remind myself that I don't need to be ordering more yarn right now, both because there's gorgeous stuff in my stash waiting to become socks, and because my zipper bag for sock yarn stash is completely full. That, and the fact that I have enough "winter" socks for over three weeks without doing laundry. (That doesn't count the "summer" socks that contain cotton or bamboo.)

So. I could make socks for me, or for H. Or I can decide that I can part with some of my lovely yarn and make a pair for Deneen, whom I promised more socks to.

At any rate, petting of the sock yarn is called for.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo! Pretty! Pretty! Thank you!

You should find some sock yarn in your stash that you don't remember so well and make yourself a beautiful pair of socks.