Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas #1

Christmas Card
Card caption: Reindeer tryouts.

Christmas eve is with my dad and my brother over at my dad's place. Dad buys a tree because I like Christmas trees. We buy it a few days before Christmas when they're marked down cheap, and then we decorate while I'm over for Christmas eve.
Dad's Tree
We couldn't find the angel for the top, so I put the pheasant ornament up there. (That bag under the tree is a kilo of the candied pecan recipe I got from Bron.)

My dad gave me a desk chair!
(Of course, I asked for one, and helped pick it out, but that doesn't lessen the awesomeness of it. Although I am really fond of surprises.) My last desk chair I left back in Chapel Hill. The cushioning was kind of going on it, and the fake portion of the leather at the front of the seat cracked and was flaking off, and what was left dug into my legs. No more real/fake leather combo chairs for me! (Either real leather, or fabric. Fake leather sucks big time.) Anyway, this chair has a fabric cover, as you can probably tell, and also has memory foam. It seems really nice now, and hopefully it'll last. It was $100 off because it was on clearance (the blue ones, but not the black ones), and dad got them to take another 10% off because it was the floor model (the last one). It was still expensive, though. The prices on desk chairs is rather baffling.

Of course, there was also the stocking candy:
Mmmmm! (This is *after* sampling!) Did I mention dad's friend owns Scoop N' Weigh? Dad and I do Christmas stocking shopping there. ;)

My brother and I bought dad a new faucet for the upstairs bathroom, and installed it today.

We found this in the space under the sink:
Instant Shampoo Instant Shampoo (back)

Funny discoveries aside, the faucet did get installed, and indeed works:
It Works!
My brother did the actual installation, I was the assistant... in other words, I passed him stuff or held stuff when he needed, and crocheted socks when he didn't. I would like to point out that I am indeed capable of more than this (I probably don't need to point this out to my regular readers and friends, but I have a bit of an inferiority complex, and so I am), but there just isn't room for two under the sink. At any rate, my brother installed some shutoff valves while he was at it:
Under The Sink
Isn't the new faucet pretty?
New Faucet

For dinner we had some sushi from the grocery store (yum) (with candy before and after), and after the sink, tree and dinner were done, we watched several episodes of Dirty Jobs. (Not very Christmassy, but entertaining.)

Christmas eve was unexpectedly great. No unhappiness or grumpiness. In fact, lots of happiness. Everyone loved what they got. How nice everything was is, in fact, one of the best Christmas presents.

PS: H, your socks are ready. ;)


Sara said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

I know for a fact you could have installed that faucet all by yourself!

Anonymous said...

A good haul of loot for one and all! Great chair --- a ggood addition to your new apartment.

Merry Christmas!


Jewels said...

omg, blast from the past - I remember that Psst stuff!
That chair looks great!

aniexma said...

I love Scoop 'n Weigh, I spend far too much money there far too often. Sounds like you had a great Christmas (the chair looks great).

noricum said...

Mom said that grandma bought the Psssst when mom was run over by a truck and couldn't get out of bed for ten days. (Her pelvis was broken.) Mom said it's disgusting stuff, and didn't work.

susan said...

first time here, via a quilt post at whip up... just so you know...
anyway, i flipped with the photo of pssst. just TODAY i was telling my daughter about it, and hadn't thought about the wretched stuff for 20 years.
nice job on the faucet. nice blog!

noricum said...

Cool. :) Thanks!