Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Contest Alert!

Help Etherknitter come up with a new activity to learn, to enter to win a Loopy Ewe gift certificate. :)


linda said...

No question on the contest-I didn't post on it. But I have a question about the spinning wheel you are using in some of your flikr pics. What is a Wind wheel-it's adorable.Where do they come from? Oh and I too crochet socks all the time,from what looks like the same basic pattern. Its a lot more fun than knitting them.

noricum said...

My spinning wheel is an Ettrick Windwheel, so called because it "spins like a breeze." They're made in Australia, and I don't think anyone in North America sells them. Mine was bought by a lady who was on sabbatical in Australia. Mine was made in 1980. Apparently they are now made by the son of the original maker. There have been some changes, but they look pretty much the same. I'm really enjoying spinning on mine. :))