Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #3

Christmas #3 was today. #3 is for Bob and his kids. (Only two out of three could make it... the third was originally able to come, but then got scheduled to work.) Bob's kids and I have quite different interests, and the living room can get quite cramped, so I hung out in the basement (my idea) before and after dinner. I photographed my sock yarn stash, plus a few other yarns, and also wound a few hanks into balls. I've decided my next pair of socks will indeed be for me, out of the Nature's Palette yarn I bought this summer:
I also wound my Euroflax linen so I could try it out:
Euroflax Moss Grid Hand Towel WIP
I cast on for the moss grid hand towel out of Mason*Dixon Knitting. I felt like working on something different tonight. I was going to start Klaralund, but I only have US 8 / 5 mm needles in straights and my Boye set. I can't knit sweaters on straights, because it gives me carpal tunnel. If I'm making a whole sweater, I want something nicer than my Boye needles. (I don't like how stiff the cables are.) I think I'll wait until Ram Wools has it's January sale and buy the needles then. At any rate, the Euroflax has been in my stash long enough that I really should use it. Plus I have a bathroom (or kitchen) in January that could use some "prissing up".

I also started winding my Claudia Handpaint:
But then the boys had left so I went up to watch TV with mom and Bob. I need to get some circulars for this project too, but I need to swatch first to find out what size. (These will be my northern lights socks. I mentioned my idea for them here *ages* ago.)

So... dinner was great, and I had fun in the basement. I'll call that a success for Christmas #3. ;)

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