Friday, December 28, 2007

Moss Grid Hand Towel WIP

Moss Grid Hand Towel WIP

This pattern is much easier for me when I use lots of stitch markers. The flash also completely washes it out.

It occurred to me tonight that if I wanted something different, I really should have knit the orange kitty I promised. Whoops.

I should be done this project pretty soon. I'd like to get it done soon enough that I can toss it in the laundry the next time I do laundry. Which would be Saturday. Which is just over a day from now. I may make it, or I may not. Perhaps I'll push laundry off until Sunday. ;)

One last thing I noticed... while working on this project, when I blow my nose, green fibers come out. What are they doing up there?


Kath said...

Stop snorting yarn. (They say the first step is admitting you have a problem) Switch to fondling, it's much more socially acceptable. :)

noricum said...

But the Euroflax really isn't that nice to *fondle*. ;)

Dandy said...

"when I blow my nose, green fibers come out"

I just about spit my hot chocolate on the computer when I read that... too funny