Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing With Glue

Last night when I really should have been in bed I got out the glue. Presenting my Felt Wee Fairies:
Felt Wee Folk
Two of them got their wispy hair braided, the third looked better unbraided:
Felt Wee Folk
Hmmm... they're missing something. I know! Bells:
Felt Wee Folk
It seems appropriate that fairies have bells. :) (The littlest one is too small for the size of bell, in my opinion. The bells were rescued off some chocolate bunnies.)

And while I was up past my bedtime anyway, and had the box with the stuff out... I whipped up some crochet stitch markers:
Crochet Stitch Markers

Okay. Now I'm ready to mail stuff to several people. Hmmm... how to mail those two Felt Wee Folk so that they don't get crushed, yet don't cost a fortune to mail...? Ah ha! I have two tins on my bookshelves that should do the trick. :) Now I just have to deal with envelopes and a trip to the post office...

PS: I wasn't really up *that* late... just not as early as I could have been in bed.

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