Monday, December 31, 2007


Shopping for interview clothes is scary. Really scary. Nothing found today. Will try again another day.


Kath said...

Oh wow, that takes me back! Sorry - I did the corporate weenie for so many years that even though I now live in jeans and sweats, I can flip back to those clothes in a heartbeat. But I do understand. During that time a close friend of mine had to go to court hearings to fight for custody of her kids. So I "styled" her each time, using my clothes. (Thank god we were the same size.)

But if the price of the clothes is a concern - do you have any designer resale or consignment shops in the area? Or even outside your area? I used to get really really nice clothes, really really cheap, by going to a consignment shop that was just outside of a very high-priced area (too high-rent for me) and that was where people with whole lot more money than me would donate their barely used designer duds. It really paid off for me to just make a monthly trip to that one store and also get on very good terms with the staff!

Wishing you the best - hope you have a happy new year!

noricum said...

Thanks! I'm going to try a factory outlet next (that's near Ram Wools, which has it's big sale coming up), but I'll keep the consignment shops in mind.

Actually, the scariest things today were the "styles" in the discount store we tried today (Winners), and then the parking lot in the mall we decided not to try. :P

noricum said...

Oh... and, um, consignment shops may not be as good around here. Winnipeggers are known for loving good deals and getting their money's worth out of stuff.

Sara said...

Shopping for any type of clothing is scary...and depressing.

noricum said...

Speaking of scary and depressing... the pants there looked *really* wide. So I selected a size smaller than I normally wear to try on. Too small. (Um, so that means my butt is *how* wide?!?) I also tried on medium blouses, since I normally wear a medium or large t-shirt. Uh... definitely too small, and I don't think I've ever looked bustier in my life! (I have no idea how they managed that. Usually too-tight clothes just make me look pudgy, not busty.)

At any rate, I came out of the fitting room that first time feeling *fat*. The second time wasn't as bad, but the clothes were still a bit too small. By then I desperately wanted to escape the store.