Friday, December 07, 2007

Prize Yarn

*bounces* *squeeeeeeeee* My prize yarn from the Lime and Violet sock marathon arrived! Isn't it awesome?!?

Prize Yarn!!!
I love the Storytellers Yarns label... the back is cute too:
Prize Yarn!!!

That middle skein is *screaming* "cast on for a funky hat now!!!"


Kath said...

The middle skein is definitely my favorite! What's it made of?

Personally while I love funky colors, I'm not so big on funky hat patterns. I'd probably do a simple pattern that would show the colors well. But that's just me and my issues!

noricum said...

The content is listed as "Roving: ?". ;) By "funky hat", I meant a plain hat that would show off the funky colours, of course. ;)

Kath said...

Content "Roving"? Well, that's ummm...probably correct but rather generic! How fun!

And on the other - OIC. It appears we have the same definition of "funky". Ravelry has taught me that others take "funky" far, far and away from where I'm willing to go. (Especially for something that sits on top of my head!) :)

noricum said...

It's "Roving: ?", with the question mark on the label. As in, they have no idea what was in the roving. After knitting with it tonight, I'm pretty sure it's merino.

I do enjoy funky style hats too, but on this one I want the yarn to do the talking, not the style. ;)

dragon knitter said...

i KNEW you'd make a hat with that. What i can tell you is that it's paradise fibers stuff, and that's about it. one of our S&Ber's was destashing fiber, and lime snatched it (actually, i think her and tara split it). that is lime-spun!


noricum said...

Oooo! My very own lime-spun hat! How cool! (I mistyped, and almost had a slime hat, whoops!)

It's a very lovely thick-thin yarn. :) (And you can tell it's thick-thin on purpose, not due to inexperience.)