Sunday, December 02, 2007

Crochet Socks

Crochet Socks

Socks in progress. (Deneen... how tall do you prefer your socks? The note I have from the first pair says "just above the ankle", but I have enough yardage to go taller, so I thought I'd check what you want.)


Deneen said...

Wow-look at you go! Those are very "Proud to be an American" (yes, I sent the yarn and I didn't realize how patriotic they would be).

The same as the other pair is fine with me-I'm easy to please.

noricum said...

I finished this sock on the bus this morning, and will start the next on the way home. ;) Your narrow feet and the thick yarn make these go fast. I also reduced the circumference by two stitches to compensate for the larger gauge. (I hope that is the right amount. Feel free to send them back for adjustments.)