Monday, December 03, 2007

Ebay is being BAD!

Trying to hide the fact that this is happening, and not returning phone calls made by the RCMP? Bad, Ebay. Bad! Since they're trying to hide the fact that this is happening, I want to post a warning to my friends, many of whom shop on Ebay: sellers with reputable feedback are having their pages "hijacked", and Ebay is doing nothing to help you get your money back when you win one of these fraudulent auctions. Beware!


Deneen said...

I sell and shop on ebay, however would never, ever spend that much money on any item online, period. Okay, Mike bought a car off of someone (a car dealer about an hour away) last year for $750.00. It was okay, he did it for a friend, but still it freaked me out.

Ebay is tough with helping out with problems-Paypal too, since they are now owned by eBay.

I am stunned about hijacked sites and will be wary. I get so many "spoof" emails from places claiming to be ebay too.

noricum said...

Being tough with helping people with problems is one thing, but not returning phone calls made by the police? Sheesh! And hiding the fact that this is happening is just downright underhanded! Yes, they don't want to go belly-up, but I would think that showing that you're fixing the problem would be a better idea than hiding it and have it blow up in your face when it goes public!

linda said...

I have used Ebay myself for small items, but never anything large, however a crocheted animal group I used to be a member of had a number of their auctions for tiny animals hi-jacked-it took a lot of complaining to even get the fake auctions removed.The police will have to get international law involved somehow. I only use ebay now for auctions where I have researched the sellers and know they have other websites too and a good reputation.

noricum said...

Sadly it seems that knowing the seller is reputable is not enough, from what I understand. It sounds like reputable sellers can have their sites hijacked to do this nasty stuff. And large or small amounts, no one wants to lose money to scams!