Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Crafty Happenings

With the snow, the lady who normally opens up the art club didn't want to go out. Mom has a key, but it was going to be just the two of us (no one responded to mom's e-mail... well, one lady did, but then she changed her mind), so we stayed home. I was feeling tired, so I didn't paint. Things I did instead:

1. I plied the blue colonial I spun up yesterday:
(I counted the yardage, but I can't remember what it was. Useful, huh? Since it's getting late, I won't recount now.)

2. I cut up a wool (well, 75% wool, 25% nylon) coat and put it in the wash to felt as much as it can. While I was at it I cut up the grey skirt and tossed it in to felt a bit more too. I really need to felt the green skirt some more, but I was worried about it bleeding on the cream fabric from the coat. While I was cutting things up, I made a quickie gift bag out of the biggest piece of the lining fabric from the grey skirt. You can see it in the photos in this post, being used as a backdrop.

3. I got around to making the hangers for the most recent sweater ornaments:
Hangers Added

4. I started a new Felt Wee Folk fairy:
Felt Wee Folk WIP
I think after this one has it's jacket I'll paint all the faces and add hair and caps. I love the colours in this one. :) I'll have to make one just like it for me too! (Perhaps I'll do it before I work on faces, etc... or not. I should get the two in the mail that I've made for friends.)

Tomorrow night is SNB at Chapters. I'm not totally sure which project(s) I'll bring.


Liz said...

How did you make your hangers? I haven't gone out for materials so I just stuck mine in the tree and they stayed, but I'd like to be able to hang them properly.

noricum said...

Pipe cleaners. :) I got a pack of a gazillion at the dollar store.