Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mail, News, and Tree

Interesting assortment of mail yesterday: a Knitty calendar from Jennie (thanks Jennie!!!), US District Court Approved Refund Notice (something about credit cards and foreign purchases), and a bill from my Canadian credit card (thankfully fairly low).

News that came in overnight: My Tante Mitzi passed away last night. This is actually sort of happy news... she hasn't really been alive since her stroke many years ago. Now she's not suffering any more. (We won't be going to the funeral, because that's over in Austria. Kind of sad for her, though, because I'm not sure she has many people who will be going. She lived well into her nineties.)

Tree: I put it up on Thursday, and we decorated it last night. It's feeling more Christmas-y in the house now. We even figured out which station has the instrumental carols on it.

Plans for today include laundry, and making progress on Durrow. There's hope for Durrow being finished soon. :) I'm feeling in the mood for painting, too. Perhaps I'll break out the acrylics and work on some of my paintings in progress...


Liz said...

I'm glad your Tante Mitzi is not suffering any more. Deaths like that are always bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter.

Sara said...

I'm sorry about your Tante Mitzi.