Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Up, Down, Then Up Again

I set my alarm for earlier than I have been waking up so that I could go to the art club with my mom. I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to get up when the alarm went off, but did go, and was happy I did. I'm still not done my poppies, but I'm getting quite close. After lunch I went with mom to the framing place and picked out frames for two paintings I bought at the last show, and for my own poppies.

When I came home again, I had a lovely nap. I set my watch to wake me up in time to have dinner before knitting. When it went off, I was really out of it, so I set my watch for another hour later... enough time to get to knitting. I was still out of it when it went off the second time, but felt I would regret not going to knitting.

I looked up the bus schedule, and the trip planner had me catching all sorts of buses, but not the easy one. So I looked at the stop schedule, saw that there was one 10 minutes later, gathered up my stuff, and caught it. When I got on the bus, the driver told me that he was only going to Main Street... which is about two stops! (Oh... *that's* why the trip planner had me catching weird buses.) However, I got an almost instantaneous transfer onto one of the buses that the trip planner had recommended. Since I hadn't planned on catching that bus, though, I wasn't sure where it stopped, and how far I'd have to walk. (The trip planner had said something about transferring buses for the last bit, but I wasn't sure where, or how long I'd have to wait.) I decided the final distance would be fine to walk, as long as it didn't start raining.

About two stops later, it started *pouring* at about a 45 degree angle. *sigh* According to Google Maps, it's 1.1 kilometers. I had my Gortex coat and a small umbrella, but was wearing my sandals... so everything from mid-thigh down was *soaked*. (I did manage to keep my knitting dry.)

While at knitting, I took off my squooshy-wet socks and sandals, and wrapped my feet in paper towels from the bathroom. (We were in the coffee shop section of a bookstore, and I didn't want to get chased out for having bare feet... plus it dried and warmed my feet.)

I did enjoy knitting, though. When it was time to go, I reluctantly put on my still-soggy socks and sandals. Two ladies were kind enough to not want me to have to take the bus home, so they decided who would drive, and I didn't need to wear my wet footwear for nearly as long. :) Thank you!!!!

That happened to be fortuitous, as my umbrella decided to spring open as I was leaving the store (crappy umbrella, it does that), and when I went to shut it, it self-destructed. Seriously. The post came out of the top bit (not too bad, it had been doing that, and I just keep putting it back in), several spokes snapped in half (not good at all), and metal parts started to fall to the ground. I gave up on the umbrella, rescued the fabric part, and threw out the rest. (I'm going to make reusable shopping bags out of the fabric.)

Then, when I got home, I discovered a friend in Brandon (a city near where I live) had found a stockpile of my soap. Yay!!!!!! I am delirious with delight! :) (Soap doesn't go bad... it just lasts longer in the shower if it's well aged.) With the supply she found, I should be able to go several years. :) (If I'm lucky, the store will change its mind and start selling it again in that time! I think it's done that with my shampoo, although I'm still using my stockpile of that.)


jess said...

soap can go rancid depending on what type of soap it is (if it is superfatted oil-based soaps, they can -- most of the fancy handmade ones are). but not glycerin soaps. ;)

sorry about the umbrella, what a pain! that fabric will make cute reusable bags though!

noricum said...

Interesting! Good to know. And also good that the glycerin soaps are fine, since that's what I use. I've never noticed a problem, even with the bars I keep in my travel case (which can sit around for years), so I suspect I'll be fine.

It is a cute fabric, isn't it? I was quite pleased when I found it (until it started malfunctioning, that is).

hbacmama on rav said...

well I hope it doesn't go bad, take that photo of the wrapper, make sure there are three bars in there... and multiply it by 28.

I'll let y'all do the math.
You got soap you can put in to your will~
And it is sitting on my front step in a green kiwi Sobeys bag.
No boxes big enough... or too big. So there ya go.