Monday, September 06, 2010

Yay Bike Ride!

Sunday we went for a *long* bike ride... 46 km! It went something like home -> Forks -> Wolseley -> Assiniboine Park -> Sturgeon Creek (picnic lunch) -> Grant's Mill (tour) -> friend's house (not home) -> Sturgeon Creek -> Assiniboine Park -> Wellington Crescent -> Forks (ice cream) -> home. Mom and B joined us for lunch and a short ride, but most of it was just me & Uncle D.

On the way out, we saw a really realistic lawn ornament:
IMG_3762 copy
It had wandered off by the way back, but another lawn had added a mom and baby pair. Here's baby:
IMG_3772 copy
(This late in the season, baby is getting pretty big, but you can still see the white spots.)

Other wildlife we saw: Canada geese (a big flock), squirrels (of course... do they count as wildlife?), prairie dogs (in Assiniboine Park), and a bunny rabbit. (There may have been other animals that I've forgotten.) Oh... and wasps and mosquitoes joined us for lunch, of course.

All the rain has the creeks and rivers running high. This is Sturgeon Creek:
The high water resulted in some detours.
In this next photo, the river on the left is the bike/walking path, the river on the right is the creek:

For some reason, I'm feeling a tad stiff tonight...

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