Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yay Bike Ride!

I wanted to go bike riding this weekend, but did something with a friend instead on Saturday. Today I though I had too many things around the house to do... until my uncle called and asked if I wanted to join him. Yay! Uncle trumps "to do" list... since I have way too much to do to accomplish in one day anyway. ;)

We started off with a visit to Bikes & Beyond so that he could get some reflective leg thingies to keep his pants out of his chain. Then we went over to the North East Trail. We only did part of it so that I could get back in time to take my bread out of the bread machine. The distance ended up being just under ten clicks. Strange sight while riding:
IMG_3843 copy
a motorized scooter. Bizarre.

Even with the bike ride, I did accomplish a bunch:
• baked bread (granted, the bread machine did most of the work), sliced & put in freezer,
• washed all dishes, including the accumulation of plastic containers that kept not making loads,
• cut hair (I do it myself, with clippers),
• went to mom's for dinner,
• cut pineapple for lunches (before it was overripe, yay!),
• decided on colours, then painted the embroidery hoops that I had previously primed, and were taking up counter space while they waited to be painted,
• cleaned clippers, and put them & the hand mirrors away,

Now for a bit of class prep (more tomorrow, but I need to do at least some now) and then bed. (An earlier bedtime would have been much better... I'm working on it.)

I'm out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings... it's going to be a *busy* week!

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