Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hummus Sans Cumin, Attempt One

Tonight I attempted my first cumin-free (and tahini-free) hummus. I think my regular recipe will get a bit bland without cumin, so I googled to find some different recipes. I based tonight's attempt off of this recipe.

My version:
• 1 19 oz can of organic chick peas
• 4 cloves garlic
• 8 kalamata olives
• 1/2 tsp paprika (I didn't dig around to see if I had red pepper flakes)
• generous drizzle of olive oil
• juice of one lemon (I always use fresh... it comes in convenient, serving-sized stay-fresh packages.)

I coarse-chopped the garlic and olives, and then put both through the press. (Anything that didn't make it through the holes of the press got scraped out into the bowl too.) Then I mashed everything together with a potato masher.

On first taste, it tastes rather strongly of olives. I'll decide tomorrow at lunch whether this is a good or bad thing.

I normally make batches of hummus with two cans of chick peas, but I decided to make smaller batches while I'm experimenting.

Two other recipes that look interesting:
• spinach hummus
• spinach and feta hummus


Heather said...

I am curious why you don't use tahini?

noricum said...

(Grrr... 503 error ate my first response.)

I'm allergic to sesame, and it's one that's threatened to go anaphylactic. I like living... and I don't like trips to the hospital emergency room, or self-injecting $100 worth of medication to give myself time to get there.

Heather said...

oh, I wasn't aware of sesame allergies. Thanks for informing me. I was told of a hummus to make with raw sunflower seeds. I haven't checked it out yet.

noricum said...

You name it, I'm sure there's someone with an allergy to it. (And given the number of allergies I have, that someone very likely will be me.)

I'm allergic to sunflower seeds too. (To many seeds and grains, in fact.)