Monday, September 20, 2010

Hammer: Bone vs Fiberglass?

I still think it looks like bone, my brother suggested antler rather than bone, my uncle believes it is fiberglass. Does anyone know how to get a definitive answer? Here's some close-up views:
Definitely $2.99 worth of entertainment. :)

Whoever owned it, used it a *lot*, and had quite bad aim (to get so much damage on the handle).


Scunge said...

You can always do the burn test. Something I have seen suggested on Antiques Roadshow (American version). Not too sure just how to do it so you may want to Google that. Good luck and happy hammering!

Rabid Hamster said...

A very simple test will give you the answer,touch your tongue to it, if it feels dry or tour tongue sticks to it, it is bone. If it feels wet and smooth or slick,it is fiberglass.

Heather said...

I'm saying bone. I have a bone pendant and some of the closeups look similar. very smooth, nice gloss.

noricum said...

Uh... if I'm going to stick my tongue on it, I'm going to wash it *very* well first. ;)

I e-mailed a place that deals with vintage stuff, and they suggested something similar to a burn test: "It is highly likely that it is fiberglass in a cast resin and not bone or
another natural material. I can see mold lines from a casting process in two
pictures ( and

You should be able to test for the presence of a plastic resin by using a
hot pin test and smelling the result. Heat the end of a small pin with a
lighter until it is red hot. Then press the hot pin onto spot that is
inconspicuous. Plastic* will smell like burnt plastic, bone will not smell
or melt and antler will smell like burnt hair.

*some older plastics have different properties, but wouldn't be found in
this application."