Sunday, September 12, 2010


I trimmed off the excess spray foam today. This bit was funny:
I wonder why it decided to grow out that way?

Stopdrafts packages come with three light switch plate versions to seven electrical outlet versions:
This makes the reasonable assumption that there is, on average, just over two outlets per room. I bought two packages, having counted outlets, but forgetting to take light switches into account. I used ten of the outlet versions, but was one short for light switches... I had six, but needed seven. (I want more power outlets.)

This light switch innard looks rather vintage:

In other construction-type news, I added a few missing pieces to my sock drying rack:
I made the brass-looking pieces myself... I snipped them off of a strip, filed the edges and corners, drilled the holes, and made the bends. For some reason, I had always considered working with metal to be something that couldn't be done if you lived in an apartment. (I realize this is pretty basic stuff, but I still lumped it in with the rest.) I'm thrilled to be expanding my horizons. :)

Oh... if you're wondering, the back piece keeps the drop-down part of the rack from being pushed too far backwards, and the front piece swivels up to hold the drop-down part in place when no socks need drying. :)

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