Saturday, September 11, 2010

Perhaps I Look Knowledgable?

Yesterday I was mistaken for an employee of the university bookstore. (The girl thought I was helping the employee, not the other way around.)

Today I was mistaken *twice* for a Home Hardware employee. (My shirt is *red*, folks, not an orange apron.) I tried asking the cashier if that meant I could have an employee discount, but she didn't go for it. (Darn.)

No one mistook me for a Superstore employee, though. (They're hard to find... and not generally helpful even when you do find them, so no one looks for them.)

Speaking of Superstore, I bought shrimp today that wasn't labelled as sustainably caught. I looked for ones with the logo, but the only ones I found were pre-cooked, and I wanted raw. I tried asking the lady behind the fish counter... but I had to explain what the logo was, where it would be located on the package, what it meant, that it matters for shrimp too, and why it matters. (I skipped the noble reasons, and went with "if we kill all the fish in the oceans, we won't be able to eat fish any more.") Given that she was ESL, and probably minimum wage, I doubt she'll pass my concerns up to people who might control what kind of shrimp are sold in the store, but I decided that was enough effort that I could buy one bag of logo-less shrimp.

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