Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday Night Traffic

The bus I was on Friday night got stuck in traffic, so I started walking. Since the bus stop that would give me the best connection with the least traffic was near a vintage shop I like, I decided to have some fun and wander through.
I found a salt shaker kitty playing a... um... lute? Banjo? Guitar? (Probably not a fiddle, the way it's being held.) It reminded me of the quilt my great-grandmother made me (based on "Hey Diddle Diddle") and my grandpa (who would recite "The Owl and the Pussycat"). It was marked at $3, but she sold it to me for $1, since any mate it once had was nowhere to be found.
I also bought a $4 candle snuffer (I've been wanting one) and a bag of buttons that was pretty cheap at $4. (They had several bags for the same price, but I restrained myself to one.)

After a *long* week, it was a lovely diversion. :)

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