Monday, September 06, 2010


Yay bike ride! A shorter one today... down to Kildonan Park and back, around 13.something-or-other km.

Uncle D also came over and helped me with a project I've been meaning to get to... a sock drying rack that I can hang on my closet door:
The clamps are there because the wood split a bit... my drill bit wasn't quite large enough. I still need to add a ribbon to prevent the rack from falling down too far, and work on the over-the-door hooks. (I don't own tin snips. I wonder if dad does?)

Earlier today I decided to chart out the pattern for the Dayflower Socks... I want to make the socks mirror images, and have the pattern complete nicely on the toe. In order to do that, I needed a chart. (Well, I could mirror them without charting, but I need the chart for the toe part... at least the way my brain works.) I haven't worked out the toe charts, but I think I have something reasonable for the main chart:
(Sock in foreground, progression of charts in background.)

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