Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feed Me, Seymore!

I've been wanting a venus flytrap and a sundew plant for terrariums I want to put together. Although I've been looking for ages (not seriously, but whenever I'm somewhere with a plant section), I haven't been able to find any. I prefer to buy plants locally, rather than online... I've had a *very* bad experience with online plant/root purchase before. Finally, on my way home on Thursday, I spotted venus flytraps in Safeway on Osborne. The store had them in two spots... one spot they looked exceedingly happy, the other spot no one had watered in ages, and most were dead. I'm guessing the happy batch had just arrived.

My new pet:
(Yeah, they're obviously going for the kid market.)
Last night I noticed a pill bug crawling around my tub, so I picked it up (with tweezers), carried it to the kitchen, and fed it to a trap; that's the red one that's closed in the photo. (The green one was closed when I got it... I'm not sure if the trap was activated, or if they open as they mature.) Initially the fringe was interlocked, but by this morning, the fringe is curled back, and the inner edge is tightly sealed. I hope my flytrap enjoys the pill bug.

Do you think I should name my new friend? What name do you think fits?


Prairie Chicken... said...


best name ever for a plant.

noricum said...

Hee! I might just go for that. ;)