Monday, August 30, 2010

Stores Are Mean

I have allergies. Finding soap (and shampoo, etc) that I'm not allergic to is a challenge. There were two soaps that my grocery store carried that I could use. Then they stopped carrying one. Now they've stopped carrying the other. Sadness. Frustration. I *hate* having to buy a million different bars before I find something that works.

The first one was a glycerin soap by Henri Bernard, which they sold for $1.99 per bar. The second is this honey-glycerin soap:
(that's the empty package... the last bar is in the shower now) which was three bars for $2.99. Here's the ingredients:
Does anyone (in Canada) know where I can buy this now? Please?

My grocery store has started stocking a new glycerin soap:
but (a) I don't know if I'm allergic to it or not, and (b) it's $2.00 for a *tiny* bar. It seems a rip-off, and I'm already grumpy with them for discontinuing my soap (without telling me, so that I could stock up). So far, I'm refusing to try this new soap, just on principle.

I tried three different stores today, and found this one possible substitute:

I seem to recall there being a smelly mall store (name escapes me right now) that has glycerin soap that I'm not allergic to... but again, pricey, and I have to go into a perfume-headache-inducing store to buy it. :(


SarahB said...

Hi there!

I understand your allergy woes! I get so frustrated with companies - why can't more places offer simple products that don't have hidden allergens! I hope you a good substitute soon.

Thanks for leaving the helpful tip on my Moda Bake Shop post about melting ribbon edges to prevent fraying!

Scunge said...

Could you perhaps find a source online to buy it? I too understand the sensitive skin issues. Being a teen during the polyester 70s was pure torture!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Oh don't you hate that? I'm not allergic so this isn't the same, but I finally found a soap that I can use on my wavy hair that works like a dream. The woman makes it out of buffalo tallow and only in small batches. I've yet to find a shampoo that's better. When she has some in stock, I buy a load of it out of fear that I'll run out. I'm a soap stock-piler. :p

noricum said...

Polyester 70's? *Shudder* (Thankfully I was only born mid-seventies.)

I did a quick google images search (since the soap doesn't appear to have a brand name), and found it... as a stock photo on two different sites. Somehow, a photo of the soap is less that useful. :( I'll do some more googling, but I'm not that hopeful.

hbacmama on rav said...

left you a message on Rav... in the wilds to the West I have five three bar packages and there are at least a dozen more in store if need be... you can get all hoarding soap if you want!

noricum said...

Oooo!!! Yes, yes, yes! Will message you on rav to find out how I can send you money!

fledchen said...

Have you looked into making your own soap? I don't mean totally from scratch, but making bars from basic bulk glycerin soap and only adding ingredients you know you can tolerate might work.

noricum said...

I've tried the bulk glycerin soap from Michaels, and my skin didn't like it.