Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Back

I'm back from my week in heaven. (You have my permission to be jealous.) Heaven was somewhat nippier this time of year than I was expecting, but it was still heaven. No one accepted my offer to accompany me up, and so I spent the week alone. (Most thought it too far. Foolish heathens.)

I had a hard time sleeping last night (falling asleep as well as staying asleep), and then had to drive for a gazillion miles today (heaven is a long way away... but totally worth the drive), so I'm exhausted. Plus it feels like I have grit in my eye that won't wash out, and moisturizing drops aren't helping.

Besides all the loons on the lake, which are a given, on the trip home I saw: one live deer (near the side of the road on the opposite side, so I slowed down while it decided what to do... thankfully it was spooked back into the bush by an oncoming car), two dead deer (both appeared to be headless, from what I could tell as I whizzed past... what happened to their heads?), a coyote (live), ducks (live), lots of crows (all but one alive), a hawk (alive and swooping low over the road), what might have once been a porcupine (but now very dead roadkill), and way more dead skunks that I wished to smell (mostly near the southern part of the trip, and not all I smelled were also seen... although, thankfully, a few were seen in time so as not to be smelled).

I need to get up early to have the rental car in before 9:30 am... I didn't manage to make the 6:00 pm closing time. (Whoops. I'm blaming the fact that the sun wasn't up when my alarm first went off, and I wasn't getting up in the cold *and* dark.)

I'm going to bed now. Assuming I'm not crazy-busy with everything not-heaven related, you might get a longer, more illustrated report later.


jess said...

welcome back! if I were local to you, I totally would have gone along -- we could have shared the driving! hope to hear more about your vacation and hope you are feeling restful. :)

Nicole MacDonald said...

that is a beautiful shot - I am jealous!

Sara said...


noricum said...

Jess: I would have loved to have you along!

Nicole, Sara: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!


Gina said...

well don!