Saturday, August 07, 2010


Finished the Rowan Calmer washcloths... now on to kitchen cotton dishcloths:
I love this pattern as a dishcloth, and have missed it since my last one got relegated to rag status. The round ones I knit before ended up too big and loose, and so I used a US 5 needle for these, and they're perfect. (I think... I'll be putting this through the wash and then testing it later today.) I love how the striped ball of yarn had each "stripe" line up with a wedge. :)

It's nice how I've knit this pattern so much now that it's now a "brainless knit" (well, it takes a wee bit of thinking, but not much), since I finished the Noro scarf. I have a big stash of kitchen cotton. (A while ago, Michaels had it on sale for $1/ball, and so I bought all the colours I like.) Dishcloths will probably end up my "knit between student questions" project. (Student questions come often enough that I can't do something that takes concentration, but sometimes I have dead time between them.)


Jewels said...

I like the pattern - can you point me to the link? I need some more, most of mine are rag status again :(

noricum said...

Pattern link:
(Note: Ignore the photo on the pattern... it's the wrong one.)

My ravelry page with pattern modifications:

Ravelry page for this project: