Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weather, Apartment

The past two days have been hot (why didn't I have that weather at the lake?), but today it is cooler and raining. Thursday I had the AC on all day, but turned it off at night, since it was cool in the apartment. I woke up Friday to a rather warm apartment, and the AC had trouble cooling it off... so I left the kitchen AC running last night.

This morning, I woke up to a perfumy-smell coming from below. I don't know what Mr Party-Of-One does Saturday mornings, but it frequently involves this smell. (Cleaning? Grooming? Other?) I'm contemplating asking him if it is possible for him to achieve his goals without scenting up my apartment, but can't decide if that interferes too much with his rights to do what he wants in his apartment. Luckily it's cool out, and so I opened the windows. (Although it's raining, the rain is coming straight down, so having the windows open is okay.)

It seems silly to have the AC running all night when it's cool out, and then switch to open windows in the morning.

The annoying thing about having the windows open is that I occasionally smell cigarette smoke in my apartment. (Like right now in my office, or earlier in the kitchen.)

I don't think it was supposed to be this wet... there was supposed to be one brief rain shower. (I had expected to go bike riding today.)

The rain does mean I'm off the hook (still) for doing the gardening around the apartment.

On tap for today: laundry, apartment cleaning (washing dishes, and reducing the clutter some... perhaps also working on cleaning the bathroom and/or kitchen floor), burning DVDs for dad.

Hmmm... I think I'll go start dishes (in a few minutes), and then work on the floors. Given that the windows are open, it's a good day to strip, clean, and polish the floors. (I'll probably do the kitchen in stages, though, due to the kitchen table, fridge, and stove. If it wasn't so disgusting, I'd ignore under the appliances and just work around the table, but I want to do a *thorough* job at least once, first.)

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