Saturday, August 14, 2010

Light Meal

Pretty *and* tasty! (It's on a small plate, so it looks like there's more there than there is.) Sustainably caught (according to the logo) wild pacific cod, and the rest of the chanterelles from the farmer's market, both with fresh parsley and lemon (plus other stuff). (Approximate recipe for the chanterelles here.)

The cod was a bit tricky... the package contained two filets, but they were the long, thin type, and *firmly* frozen together. :( I managed to chop the block in half, so I can save the other half for later. However, then I had to coax the two halves I was cooking apart so that I could season and cook each side.


Miller Mommy said...

the cod looks markedly Indian, what with being yellow (turmeric?) and the green on top (like cilantro so many Indian dishes get garnished with). Your post made me realize I am a bit hungry.

noricum said...

Part of the yellow is probably from being cooked in the same pan that I had cooked the mushrooms in... the rest is mostly just the cooking process, I think. I use olive oil, then add lemon juice (first, so it doesn't wash everything else off), salt, pepper, probably savory (I vary this one, depending on my mood), and, since I had it, fresh Italian parsley (I normally use dried). To have the nice green colour, I added more parsley at the end.

Italian parsley and cilantro look the same, but taste different. (Previously I had been told they're the same thing, but they're not.)