Sunday, August 01, 2010


My landlord just came by to see if I knew what was up with my irresponsible neighbour. (Her lease was up yesterday, but she hasn't removed all her stuff... some of which is quite decent.)

The reason for the "gack" is that I had been washing dishes, and thus was drenched in sweat and wearing crap clothes. Plus, because I get so sweaty, I had left my shower until after washing dishes. (Yup, I'm a real sight right now.)

Plus I still need to get my apartment to a state where I'm not embarrassed to let people see it. (Clean the clutter, then clean the dust. Achoo!) I feel like my place makes me look like a hoarder. (I need to get an honest opinion on what my place looks like from someone who has been here recently.) I'm not a hoarder, but I do have pack-rat tendencies that I am working on.

I really need to get my desk out of the hallway. That one thing will make an incredible difference in how this place looks.


NikonGoddess said...

Your writings are a complete HOOT!

I love the knitting...wish I knew how.

I'll be following make me, I'm not a droid either...I don't think. Although I am still looking for the Tardis!

noricum said...

Thanks! :)

There are many Tardises (Tardi?) out there... including ones that come in handy when you have allergies. Or perhaps you were looking for a Dalek? So keep looking, I'm sure you'll find them!

PS: Knitting is easy, and there's lots of online tutorials (including videos). I encourage you to try it! Warning: It's highly addictive, and frequently leads to stash acquisition that can get out of control!

NikonGoddess said...

No, I don't want any Daleks...just the Tardises (lol not sure which way it would be). But, um can I have Dr. #9? LOL He's my fav!

I'm going to have to give knitting a try...after I get crocheting again. :0)

Oh, and I am following stalking though...but lots of reading and giggling going on.

noricum said...

Follow away. :)