Monday, August 16, 2010


There's a car alarm going off somewhere within hearing distance, but not close enough to be really annoying.

I just got back from biking over the CPT (yay!), and deposited a cheque (and withdrew more cash) en route (yay). However, when I passed by Sub Zero, it was a half hour before it opened (boo!). (I was going to try to convince them to bring a cone out to me, so I wouldn't have to leave my bike. However, no ice cream for me!)

Landlord is still working on the neighbour's water. The control thingy in the bathtub blew, and so I didn't have any water at all for several hours yesterday. In the evening, I had hot and cold in the bathroom, but only cold in the kitchen, so no washing dishes. :( I chatted briefly with my neighbour, and apparently the problem started on *Thursday*!!! That means that three suites on that side of the block haven't had *any* water since then (I think). I understand being frugal, and wanting to do it yourself... but there comes a time when you need to understand your responsibility to your tenants and hire a professional. Sheesh. And really... how hard is it to remove the old gadget and put a new one in? (Hint: while you're at it, put shut-off valves right below the gadget, while you have everything in pieces anyway... and then the rest of the block can have water! And that suite can have water everywhere except the tub.)

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