Monday, August 30, 2010


I stopped in at the Trading Post this afternoon, and bought beads!
(Beads are pretty.) Why do I need beads? I'm thinking of adding decorations to the birch bark canoe I started making at the cabin for my cousin M. Oh, wait... I haven't blogged the birch bark canoe (or virtually anything else about the cabin). Here's the canoe in progress:
Does anyone know what a $150 birch bark canoe looks like? (I'm making a replacement for a stolen one.)

I bought the bodkins because they look easier to use than safety pins, and didn't know about them before. I had heard the word, but didn't know what they were. They're for threading cord/elastic/whatever through fabric... uh... tunnels(? ...can you tell I'm not a seamstress?). The two items on the right are for making my vintage thread spools into Christmas ornaments. :)

The long things are actual dyed porcupine quills! (I had always thought of porcupine quills as being much longer... around 6" or so. Who knew they were so short?)

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