Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm still in pain, but I haven't fainted or had anything else dreadful happen. Things I accomplished today:
- visiting the bathroom (several times)
- having a shower
- brushing my teeth (harder than showering, due to leaning over to rinse)
- taking out the trash
- bringing in the mail
- walking to my mom's and back (a whole block! It only took me 10 minutes or so each way...)
- keeping myself fed
- finished another swatch for Marie (a lady opening up another LYS!)
Not exactly how I imagined today... but at least not totally spent in bed.

Well, it's late, so back to bed... perhaps my back will mysteriously heal itself overnight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... tomorrow is laundry day, and I'm not looking forward to hauling laundry between the third (my apartment) and first (the laundry facilities) floors.

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Bethany said...

Sorry to hear your back is still hurting. :-( I hope it heals up soon.