Saturday, July 19, 2008


As I was hobbling downstairs to flip the laundry, I noticed some menacing clouds. "Hmm, perhaps I should close my windows," I thought.

I waited the few minutes for the washer to stop, put the clean clothes in the dryer, and a new load in the washing machine, then hobbled back upstairs. On the way up, I noticed it was raining cats and dogs.

Sure enough, rain was coming in my windows. Not only were my windowsills wet, but so was my printer, a crochet book, miscellaneous other things, and one of my medium sized plants had blown over.

I hobbled around, closing windows and drying things that shouldn't be wet.

After I was done that, I stood by my fridge drinking some orange juice, when I noticed it had stopped raining.


Given that opening the windows was what had thrown my back out Friday morning, and there are still clouds in the sky, I decided to leave them closed and stick with the air conditioner. :P

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