Thursday, July 10, 2008


Neck and shoulders still hurting. :( Advil had no effect last night... I guess I'll try Tylenol now, but I doubt it will be any better. A bath would probably help, but that's not something I really enjoy unless it's cold and dry. (Hot and sticky isn't my favourite feeling.) It's also kind of bad timing for a bath. Plus, it's been... um... well, long enough that I can't remember when I last cleaned my tub. (Teaching takes lots of time... and when I get a break, I catch up on sleep and sanity before cleaning... the tub has suffered. As has the toilet. The dust bison hiding under the bed are now a strong, healthy herd... or perhaps are more accurately described as dust pythons, they way they have formed thick rolls. I do usually have enough clean dishes to eat, though, and I did break down a bunch of small boxes for recycling last weekend.)

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Vik said...

I´m sorry. I hope you´ll get better soon.