Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ugh! I'm definitely at the start of a cold or something. The contents of my nose are copious, and colours you'd rather not hear about. I had a bit of a sore throat the other day, but today it's now a bit of a cough, and I'm starting to get the full-body aches. Grrr.

I'd go to bed, but I need to create and post the assignment solutions. Then, instead of sleeping all day tomorrow, I need to create the final exam for my course.

(Today was my last class... it was rather sad. They were a great group! Not perfect students, but all really nice, and they tried at least a reasonable amount.)


Anonymous said...

Argh - soooo sorry you're sick! That sucks. Congrats on the end of your class, bittersweet tho' it may be! Do you foresee more teaching in your future?

noricum said...

Probably. ;)

Bron said... sorry you're sick again. It always happens to me at the end of a term. The release of adrenalin lets the germs run rampant.

Hope you're feeling better soon & good luck with the final!