Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scarf WIP

Scarf WIP

I have a bunch of WIPs right now... I apparently cast on in times of stress. This is a scarf I'm working on, using yarn I bought at Sheeples. (Yeah, I haven't written that post either...)

This yarn was handspun by the proprietress of Sheeples, and the wool came from a sheep named Charlie. (Awwww!) And it was only $11! I'll be combining it with heavenly-soft chocolate brown yarn from an unnamed yearling. (Also a steal!) Charlie's fleece is wonderfully soft, but feels so coarse compared to the yearlings!

Anyway... here's hoping for enough between the two skeins that my scarf plan works out... (I would have bought more, but there was only one skein of each.)

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Sara said...

Seriously pretty scarf!