Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raffle Goodness

Oooo... will you look at this and this? Those gorgeous crochet hooks! That lovely fiber! And that design on the bag is one of my favourites at Ravelry!

Anyway, the story is that Zen String, the indie dyer, has fallen on hard times lately, and the Ravelry community is rallying to help her out. Go check out the raffles and auctions here. (Did you see the scarf?!?) I encourage you to look at the links! Whether your motivation is greed (getting the fabulous Zen String back in her studio, and scoring some awesome stuff while you're at it), or purely out of the goodness of your heart (in which case, you may also feel free to donate your purchased raffle tickets to me), please click. Unless, of course, you're so easily tempted that you're one click away from losing your own home too... then don't. That would be bad.

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