Friday, July 11, 2008

Loose Screws

My camera seems to have issues with it's screws.

Several months back, I found a tiny screw pressed into the bottom of the outside of my laptop sleeve. I couldn't find any missing screws on my laptop, but I found a bunch of holes in my camera that looked like they would fit the screw... and the first one I tried, did.

Today I found a screw on the floor, and again added it to my camera.

There are four more screw holes left that don't have screws. (I can't remember how many empty holes there were last time.)

Several things come to mind:
1. Is it just a coincidence that I find screws that fit in my camera holes?
2. How many screws can I lose before my camera falls apart in my hands?
3. How am I able to randomly find such tiny screws without even trying?
4. Are there more screws to be found if I try? Or are they lost forever?
5. Do all the missing screws have anything to do with the fact that the camera seems to keep asking me to replace the battery, but if I open and close the battery cover, it's fine? Or is that a *different* indicator that my camera may be not long for this world?
6. Should I put a new digital camera on my Christmas wish list, or assume that this one will keep chugging along happily the way it has for quite a few years now?
7. Why does my camera not like it's screws? Whenever I try tightening the ones that are left (usually after installing the found screw), all of them are tight.
8. Did Canon put in lots of extra screw holes just for this contingency? (So that it could lose lots before there was any effect?)
9. Did my camera even come with all of its screws installed? I seem to remember at least some of these holes being empty to begin with...


Deneen said...

Hmmmm, I have no idea about camera screws and mine doesn't have a bunch of screwless holes.....

Sara said...

I was compelled to check my camera after this post. All the screws are present and accounted for, and I didn't notice any screwless holes.

Could the screws be mating and reproducing somehow?

noricum said...

If they were mating and reproducing, wouldn't I have more screws than holes? ;)

Bron said...

I've always said you had a screw loose... but I had no idea it was in your camera!


Go ahead...shoot me....I had to say it.

noricum said...

Naw, no shooting of friends for speaking the truth! ;)