Monday, July 28, 2008

Sometimes I doubt my sanity

Unreasonable fear of the morning: am I sending my students out into the world, unable to prove arbitrary NP-Completeness problems?

I'm trying to tell myself I'm being unreasonable for at least one of the following reasons:
1. I did teach them lots. (I think. I hope.)
2. Even if they can't prove arbitrary NP-Completeness problems, I have taught them enough that they can figure it out.
3. Even if they can't figure it out, it's likely not the end of the world.

Dad commented yesterday that this course seems harder on the instructor than the students. I think he may be right. In any case, if you look at how much effort I'm putting in, compared to how much they're paying me, they're getting a good deal. (Whether that effort translates into being a good instructor is another matter, however.)


I can't wait until my grades are in, and I'm at the lake! (Final exam this afternoon, grades in in the next few days, and less than two weeks until I'm at the lake!)


Mathgirl said...

noricum said...

I am now adding this to my exam. Thanks! :)

Sara said...

In my experience, the teacher worries far more about the learning than the students do.