Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am giving the final exam for my course on Monday, which means that it seems like all hell has broken loose around here.

First, there was the cold... it had me feeling like death warmed over Thursday evening, and it's still lingering in the form of congestion.

Then, transit bus drivers started "job action"... so far that means that the extra rush hour busses aren't running, but I caught a smidge of something on the radio that made it sound like Monday might be worse. (I can manage a ride... if my mom and dad won't take me, H has offered to come and get me... but of course, I won't know for sure until the morning whether I'll need it.)

Then the washing machine in my building broke, resulting in me making multiple trips to my mom's, and messing with my plan to work on creating the final exam between changing loads of laundry.

Finally, the CS server went down yesterday sometime around 6 pm or before, which means my students can't e-mail me questions, and I can't e-mail my final to H for her to look over. *And*, I'll need the server back up in order to actually *print* the final!

I really think Murphy (and his Laws) hates me. *sigh*

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