Saturday, July 19, 2008


My back is quite a bit better today. It still hurts intensely, but not the way that causes me to break out in sweat and wonder if I'm going to either pass out or throw up if I happen to move the wrong way (where the wrong way is pretty much anything that isn't lying flat on my back). In other words, I'm no longer carrying my cordless phone around the apartment, in case I needed to call my mom to help me off the floor. Whee.

When I woke up early this morning, it occurred to me to read the rest of the directions on the advil, after "1-2 every four hours"... it turns out there's a maximum of 6 pills in 24 hours. Um... I had 12. I guess I shouldn't take 2 every four hours, then. (I'm not yet loopy, though, so that's nice. Taking the maximum dose of advil several days in a row makes me loopy.)

So, although the pain isn't totally gone, I'm glad I can function relatively normally today. :)

Thank you to everyone who sent me well-wishes!


jess said...

was it 200mg ibuprofen? down here often the doc will prescribe 800mg per 4 hours for slightly more serious injuries. So you are probably OK, but might not want to do that too many days in a row. :)

glad you're feeling better!

Sara said...

O my! Hope you are feeling a little better.

noricum said...

Yeah, it's the 200 mg stuff. I'm not too worried that I did it for one day, but I'm glad I remembered to check before doing it for too long!

md said...

what a drag... i'd resort to brushing my teeth in the shower to dispense with the leaning over... hope you're better soon!

Deneen said...

Ihope you are feeling better-if I take one Advil, my stomach is in knots for days-good lawd, you must have a cast iron stomach (and weak back :)