Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blankie Square?

Blankie Square?

I couldn't remember if this yarn was superwash or not, so I knit up a potential blankie square, with the intention of putting it through with all of today's loads of laundry.

It made it in one load, but then, due to washing machine malfunction, relocation of laundry to my moms, waiting for the load it was in to get around to draining... it only ended up in the one load. Although it didn't get thoroughly felted, it is looking significantly fuzzy, so I'm thinking this is *not* superwash yarn.

I haven't taken an "after" photo yet.


Deneen said...

You know, I use that felted hot pad you sent me all the time and love it-it's not such a bad thing to happen ;P

noricum said...


You know, I was just thinking last night that with a few more trips through the wash, it'll make a pretty decent coaster. (It's not nearly big enough for a hot pad.)